Saturday, December 8, 2007

Berray Singing Together!


ok guys! so remember how i always said i wish it was them singing instead? well i got it.
surprisingly, bernice seens to be more loved she got 57 people bidding to sing and raymond got less =\
but anyways! i didnt think bernice sang that well but whatever! i love berray! =]

this is from some random mag that i dont know about
credits to j.a.y @ asianfanatics!
guys! if you have an af account and join the berray thread!
everyones nice, it can get boring but at least once in a week we all have that hyped time when we have like many posts in a day xD
so anyways! will try to find more pictures from that set if there is a set!
december 8th-happy birthday to raymond <3