Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bernice & Moses

this is the super cool girl moment when moses won.
instead of congratulating moses the girls decide to gather around bernice.
that seriously made my day, thanks MC3 =]
did anyone see the part where someone yelled out bernice's name and he blushed?
did i metion this already? oh wells i loved that xD
if only someone would scream out bernice's name when raymond wins someday
lols. me and my dorky berray self

anyways i watch the upcoming series thing and i saw bernice i only one of them
pissed me off. and she was just a supporting character.
like i said. if she didn't win the award that gets super promotion then next year she wouldn't cause well we all know Fala Chan or someone else will get it next year.
Btw. That award is the most improved.
People who get that award always get promoted like crazy.
TVB is evil. Just because Bernice makes a lot from ads they decide to let her do that instead.
I don't care if Bernice can't act! I want to see Bernice more!!
At least a BerRay series that I can watch in my lifetime!!!!!
Watch. one day when i can afford a plane ticket i would fly to hk and demand a berray series!! =D

Bernice looked super good in the other ceremony thing xD
look!! stupid but cool eric xD
moses was there but i was kinda upset that eric and the big mouth people didn't say anything to make fun of bermo. i wanted to see them blush =D

btw. i jacked this from bernice's blog.
people! visit bernice's blog and leave a sweet comment!!!
i demand!! =D
i love berniiceeee!!! WEEHH!!!
oh thanks =]