Sunday, December 16, 2007


guys i am moving the site, this one will still be here but go to this other one for future updates.
reason is that this blog is under another email than my other ones and it takes a while for me to update and stuff so please go to the new page from now on =]

Series Update

so i guess all of you guys know about that new pet series bernice is in.
well anyways! here are some pictures!
as we all know bernice plays a really little role in it, her dog has a bigger part than her.
will be getting more updates on the series for you guys!
sorry for not updating in so long! ><
for the first couple of days i was just lazy and the news i saw weren't interesting
after that i got sick, im better now but cant even talk
sorry guys! will keep the updates coming <3

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Berray Singing Together!


ok guys! so remember how i always said i wish it was them singing instead? well i got it.
surprisingly, bernice seens to be more loved she got 57 people bidding to sing and raymond got less =\
but anyways! i didnt think bernice sang that well but whatever! i love berray! =]

this is from some random mag that i dont know about
credits to j.a.y @ asianfanatics!
guys! if you have an af account and join the berray thread!
everyones nice, it can get boring but at least once in a week we all have that hyped time when we have like many posts in a day xD
so anyways! will try to find more pictures from that set if there is a set!
december 8th-happy birthday to raymond <3

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Dec.5 Bernice dancing with Santa! <3
Luckiest Santa Ever!
Happy December 5 guys! =D

Sunday, December 2, 2007


please watch it! =]
well its really cute!
bernice is so funny...well not really but cute...yes for a 27 year old xD
anyways this time i didnt embled it because i really want you guys to leave a comment there because the comments there are all about berray and please do go there and express your love!!!

Moses talks about Bernice

Moses talks about Bernice in Be My Guest
I do think he does have a little crush on Bernice but thats just me xD
Anyways I like how he would always avoid the question about "girlfriend" thats all for today! Have a good rest of the day! =]

Berray Banner

i made this cause well i really do think they can match each other in many ways xD
but anyways i made it white border and black bg so you guys can use it to photoshop and stuff and easily cut it =]

we all know its not bernice and raymond that updates their blogs but do go there regularly and look out for updates cause they do have some berray pictures!
and dont forget to leave a nice comment to show your support!

Berray on TVB Mag

ok so thats issue 545! BUY IT!
i already ordered 3 copies =]
anyways! i don't have a scanner so i cant put it up once i have it but even before i get my hands on the mag im pretty sure i can find some pretty nice scans for you guys xD

Berray Update

really guys! this is not it!
i know i haven't been updating for a week ><
i was starting to get lazy...
but anyways! tvb is starting a bid for fans to get a chance to sing with either bernice or raymond
sadly its not to bid for them to sing together
that would be totally better!
BUT! anyways! enough yapping!
let me get to the other yummy parts!
look up for the update! =]

Sunday, November 25, 2007


yes berray! this time i am forreal!
i really thank the person who took this picture but i hate this person too.
gotta capture bernice looking dorky and stuff! LOLS!
well i love bernice anyways! <3

this ff is inspired by the dorky picture so this ff will be dorky!
leave comments and ideas there i will consider it and dont even forget to love berray!!

Bernice updated her blog so go and leave nice comments!
I DEMAND!...please? =D
^click everyday and i love you^

Saturday, November 24, 2007

BerRay...Sorta =D

so not exactly but ber and ray fans together =D
ok yea im weird.
thats what happens when your desperate for 4 3 whole years ><

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


i just thought was kinda cute
i think raymond took a picture like this too..
if someone has it please give me the link!!
i need to make me a cute berray set =D

11.21 bernice scan

sorry. cant read simp. chinese so i cant translate
not like my lazy ass will anyways if it doesn't talk about bermo or berray =P
but anyways! bernice's are mad sexy =D
i love bernice =D

Bernice & Moses

this is the super cool girl moment when moses won.
instead of congratulating moses the girls decide to gather around bernice.
that seriously made my day, thanks MC3 =]
did anyone see the part where someone yelled out bernice's name and he blushed?
did i metion this already? oh wells i loved that xD
if only someone would scream out bernice's name when raymond wins someday
lols. me and my dorky berray self

anyways i watch the upcoming series thing and i saw bernice i only one of them
pissed me off. and she was just a supporting character.
like i said. if she didn't win the award that gets super promotion then next year she wouldn't cause well we all know Fala Chan or someone else will get it next year.
Btw. That award is the most improved.
People who get that award always get promoted like crazy.
TVB is evil. Just because Bernice makes a lot from ads they decide to let her do that instead.
I don't care if Bernice can't act! I want to see Bernice more!!
At least a BerRay series that I can watch in my lifetime!!!!!
Watch. one day when i can afford a plane ticket i would fly to hk and demand a berray series!! =D

Bernice looked super good in the other ceremony thing xD
look!! stupid but cool eric xD
moses was there but i was kinda upset that eric and the big mouth people didn't say anything to make fun of bermo. i wanted to see them blush =D

btw. i jacked this from bernice's blog.
people! visit bernice's blog and leave a sweet comment!!!
i demand!! =D
i love berniiceeee!!! WEEHH!!!
oh thanks =]

Saturday, November 17, 2007


this year. unlike the other years.
bernice's partner is not raymond, but bosco.
what do i think? i think raymond is with linda. not sure but since tvb sees then as a "golden couple" now im pretty sure thats the plan.
no berray. but bobe.
im still happy. bernice looks so pretty (:
hoping for a ronice next year =]

Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally BerRay!!!!!!!!

sorry to say but bernice looks really >< what was she thinking? that think makes her look 4234o083 years old. blah. i wanted her to look more young, cause i know she could... blah! love her anyways!! <33 its berray!! my favorite couple...well not even on screen couple <.< because tvb decides that bernice is too old. BUTTS!!! they are my favorite imaginary couple :D
bernice put too much makeup >< I LOVE BERRAY!

you see that super sexy and pretty person on the right? thats bernice!! <33
i love berray but mainly cause i love bernice!
man sometimes my friends ask me if im a lesbo cause i have bernice's picture in my phone

&credits to

Ronice on Ron's Blog?!?!

aren't these pictures awesome?
guess where i got it from? still don't know? look at the damn title! LOLS!!
man. i love ronice all this ronice-ness is making me like them more that BerRay. NOT!!!
they are! W00TS! xD
look at the fourth picture! isnt bernice adorkable?! (:

&credits to

Monday, November 5, 2007

More of Bernice&Moses

the most famous couple ever.
not the best cause berray will always be! (:

Ronice 11/03 Astro on Demand

i know im doing the updates backwards but its by when i find them! (:
my love for ronice is growing they seem to look even better than berray but i guess thats cause ron and ray are both big guys! LOLS!


Sunday, November 4, 2007


best couple? not to me but to 4938821498123823 other people :D
bernice looks great, like always.
moses is getting younger younger everytime i see him!
BM <33

Ronice 11/04 Astro on Demand

so this is an event that happened on nov.4
ronice!! one of my favorite pairings...again...never worked together >< style="font-style: italic;">&

TVB 2008 Calendar

i like the one thats just on top! awesomeness! (;
actually everyone looks good i like the theme
but wudup with the group pic..T.T


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bernice Winning TVB Award This Year

So. I guess if your here you too want Bernice to win TVB's "most improved female actress."
I know TVB awards are all bull nowadays but I really want Bernice to win something in her years.
She should have won for the years of Niki or Linda.
Shes been waiting for about 7 years now.
Yes, she may not be the best but I really don't want to see Kate and Fale getting it rather than Bernice.
To tell you the truth I don't even think Bernice really deserves it but what the hell I love this girl!
Actually! I don't think anyone deserves least this year.


Best Female Actress-Jessica Hsuan
Best Male Actor-Bobby Au Yeung

Best Female Character-Susanna Kwan@Heart of Greed
Best Male Character-Bosco Wong@Dicey Business

Most Improved Female Actress-Bernice Liu@Devils Disciple
Most Improved Male Actor-Wong Cho Lam@Best Selling Secrets

Best Series-The Brink of Law
Best Variety Show-謎


Amy Magaine

there is actually more but i don't find them super pretty so nah..
bernice is looking prettier by the minutes!
i am in love with the cover!
anyone with me? anyone?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bernice Interview!

hey guys!
i found this on and i hope you guys enjoy!
if you don't get any parts ask me! (:
im so happy! bernice used so many big chinese words!
go bernice! and in the beginning a saw a little picture of berray! LOLS!

She is so Hot

-HIM She is so Hot-

matches the title!
she is so hot.
i don't like some pictures where the makeup is over-do.
my favorite one is the 2nd to the last one! W00TS!
sorry that i can't translate this's wayy to long.
hope ya understand.